How Common is Show Dog Neglect?

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nypost pic The New York Post article that started my morning

This morning, when I sat down at my computer and opened social media, I was immediately heartbroken to read this headline.

Slightly different versions of the same story were being shared in all of the Animal Control/Rescue group Facebook pages I follow. While the story itself was sad to read and I felt for all of the people and animals involved, one of the saddest moments for me was reading the comments.

“Is anyone surprised when they see these headlines?”

“This is a puppy mill, not a hoarding. This is just another breeder operation. People are sooo stupid beliving [sic] “good” breeders.”

“AKC should also be held accountable! How many sets of papers need to come across their desk, FROM THE SAME BREEDER, before they decide to do follow-up inspections??? QUALITY breeding that meets their standards… What a JOKE!”

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On Being a Responsible Student

I was homeschooled for most of my childhood. For me, there were no “B”s, “C”s, and “D”s. There were only “A”s. I don’t mean that my mother gave me an “A” on every assignment just because. I mean that if I didn’t do the best I could on an assignment and she didn’t deem it satisfactory, she would send me back to do it again. As many times as it took. I never got away with doing assignments half-assed. I wasn’t allowed to do anything but “A” quality work. And I learned pretty early on that it was a lot easier to do the assignment well the first time than to give it a feeble effort just to get it done and then be sent back to do it all over again. So I guess the idea that “you put your best effort into every assignment” was instilled in me from a pretty early age. Which is probably why slacker students boggle my mind.

We live in a world where not everyone gets to have an education. Whether we like it or not, college education is a privilege. I am extremely fortunate to have parents who not only have the funds to put me through this first part of my college education, but consider it their duty as parents to do so. I am keenly aware that not everybody gets that. And thus I consider it to be a huge gift and an opportunity that I must not waste.

When students decide to be slackers, skipping class for less-than-important reasons, being satisfied with merely passing their classes… I can’t help but feel like they don’t deserve the opportunity they have been given. Now I know that many people are juggling work and school, have difficult home lives, etc. I’m not talking about people who struggle because they have a lot on their plates. I’m talking about those who don’t even try. What a huge waste of an opportunity. There are so many people out there who would give anything to have what I have, and to be a slacker and do anything less than my best is, to me, a slap in the face to those people. I’d also be mortified to waste my parents’ money like that. Not to say that I’m a perfect student, but I sure as heck give it my best shot.

If you don’t want to go to college, by all means, don’t. But if you do, be a responsible adult and do the best you can with the opportunity you’ve been blessed with. It makes no sense to accept an opportunity and then throw it away. How insulting to the people who don’t get to have it.



If I Could Tell You Anything


If I had one day where I could talk to you in a language we both understood, I would tell you a lot of things.

I would tell you that from day one I fell head over heels in love with you. I’m not usually a sap nor a demonstratively affectionate person, but the moment I saw you I just couldn’t help but cuddle you, and I was so glad that you turned out to be the cuddly type and loved every minute of it.

I’d tell you that you mean a lot more to me than some people say a dog should. But they say that love is love, so who cares if love is between two humans, or a human and a dog? I’m not talking about romantic love of course, (I mention only for the sake of some weirdo who might be reading and mistake my words,) but friendship, true friendship.

I’d tell you that you changed my life. I was totally unprepared to be blessed with this kind of love. I thought I was just getting a pet. What I got instead was a whole other family member I never knew I needed.

I’d tell you to please be careful with yourself. I once had a dream that I lost you. You probably remember how I woke up and reached down to the end of the bed and touched you, just to make sure you were still there. That’s because I can’t imagine a future where I loose you so early. So you’d better stick around. I think, after all these times I’ve thrown the frisbee, and the ball, and the other ball, and the countless sticks, just for you, you owe it to me to stick around.

And I’d tell you I never say such sappy things, ever, and I’m embarrassed to be saying them, but I just think you should know.

And you’d say, “No shit Sherlock! Of course you love me. You tell me every day. I’m not wasting another minute of this day listening to you tell me how much you love me, as if I didn’t know. I want you to tell me where you go when you leave me home by myself when we could be outside playing, and why you won’t always share your food with me, and why you stare at your screen and type on your keyboard sometimes, and what is “cute” and why do you say I’m “cute” all the time, and what’s so amusing about my ears, and why do you have so many different names for me?”

And then we’d go for a walk, and I’d tell you everything.