Nerd Appreciation

Nerd is one of those weird words that used to be an insult but seems to have become something to be proud of, at least among the nerd community.

Nerd is defined as “a person considered to be socially awkward, boring, unstylish, etc.” or “an intelligent but single-minded person obsessed with a non-social hobby or pursuit.”

But the thing is, nerds have taken the word, owned it, and made it a badge of honor, which sort of rains all over the parade of anyone trying to use it to bully and tease. Score one for the nerds.

I don’t think that the majority of nerds are legitimately “obsessed” with anything, as in truly obsessed, mentally ill.  But yes, when a nerd is into something, they are into it.


As for boring, well… yeah, seeing as nerds are so “unironically enthusiastic” about the things they are into, they might start spouting information to you about them that they find exciting. You might be bored by that. But you might actually learn something too you know.

Not surprisingly, nerds have used the internet to connect with one another and form communities, the most notable being the Vlogbrothers community known as “Nerdfighteria.”

I am a proud nerd. If you’ve ever talked to me in person, you know that I am awkwardness itself. I have absolutely zero interest in what’s stylish these days. And the things I love, I am most definitely “unironically enthusiastic” about. I have a replica of Sting from the hobbit hanging on my wall, I’ve read every single one of the original Sherlock Holmes stories and own a massive hardback book which contains them all in one volume, I have one T shirt with the Darma Initiative logo on it and another with the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 on it, I have a whole shelf full of dog books, and much of my YouTube time is spent listening to baroque and renaissance music. I love psychology/behavioral science, I love classic literature, I love classical music, I love mystery series, I am a big Holmsian, and I love dogs. Yes, I unabashedly “like stuff” and love to learn as much as I can about that stuff because that is what makes my heart sing.

Thank heavens for the Nerds in the world who “like stuff” and use that passion to learn, educate, and fight to decrease world suck. They might not be fashionable or popular, but I’m telling you, it’s nerds that make the world go round.

More Musings on Heartworm

I’ve heard all the scare stories about the evils of heartworm meds. I don’t like putting toxic chemicals into my dog’s body. But the fact of the matter is, heartworms are a very real thing, and treatment for and recovery from heartworms sucks. It’s up to every dog owner to weigh the risks and benefits of heartworm prevention meds based on their dog and where they live. But I give them to my dog, and this is why.

The CinnamonDog Blog

Rowley is now finished with the ‘adulticide’ heartworm treatment protocol:  he had two shots of Immiticide on successive days on June 14 and 15.  This is to kill the adult heartworms that were not dispatched by the first Immiticide shot that he received on May 15.  Meanwhile, any microfilariae that might find its way into his bloodstream is killed by the monthly dose of Heartgard that he receives and will receive until the weather no longer supports mosquitoes or microfilariae.

I’m pretty happy that we’ve gotten to this point, but there’s still so much I don’t know and can’t know, and my frustration really hasn’t abated much.  Any notion I had of a return to ‘normal’ life this month – resuming agility classes, going to the nature preserve for off-leash hikes – was banished when my vet, who is a cautious soul, said he wouldn’t okay any of that until…

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Baddy One Shoe Needs to be a Thing.

The other day in history class, I was thinking not about history but about the phrase “goody two shoes.” (I wasn’t being very goody two shoes by not paying attention, but then, this professor is one of the ones who could make any subject boring so you know.)

I’m sort of against having terms such as “goody two shoes,” “square,” and such, probably because by the standards of most people today, well, that would be me. I am a designated driver, perfect attendance, don’t like to stay out late kind of person, not because I’ve been suppressed and have no joy in life but because that’s just who I am. Not to say I don’t have a good time but I prefer to do so, you know…  reasonably, in a not depraved fashion. (Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one…) Anyway. I am a bit biased against the term because that’s basically me by today’s standards.

But aside from that, I had a lot of questions. What’s abnormal about having two shoes? Why would only a good person have two shoes? Why would a bad person walk around with one shoe? Why don’t we use the phrase baddy one shoe? WHO IS GOODY AND WHAT’S SO REMARKABLE ABOUT THEM HAVING TWO SHOES?

Well, of course there’s a reasonable explanation. See for yourself.

The history of the term aside, I think baddy one shoe is hysterical, and we need to start using this as a term. Baddy one shoe is the new term. Spread the word.


Shelter Pup “Smiles” From FEAR After She’s Adopted — eileenanddogs

The viral video linked below shows a scared puppy. The puppy huddles at the back of an enclosure. At the beginning of the video, her front legs are braced, pushing her backward. She blinks and squints repeatedly. She looks away and turns her head away several times. Her ears are pulled back. She pulls her mouth…

via Shelter Pup “Smiles” From FEAR After She’s Adopted — eileenanddogs

Dogs Should Come With a Warning Label

I propose a warning label to be attached to the collar of every dog:

“Warning: I am a dog. Dogs do dog things. If dog things bother you, do not get a dog.”

I swear, some of the things people complain about (and I don’t mean joke-complaining, but serious, annoyed, “this just won’t do” complaining) when it comes to their dogs are quite absurd sometimes. I often feel like asking, “you do know it’s a DOG you’ve chosen to bring into your home, don’t you?”