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Living in a world of ‘no’

Shaping Chaos

I have lately been reading a lot of very passionate arguments against the use of strictly reinforcement-based training.  I take this to mean that people who are using +R methods are doing so in large enough numbers to start to cause the dominant paradigm to shift.

In a rant against ‘purely positive’ methods (as applied to herding), one of the discussants argued that punishment is not only ok but necessary, because our “dogs live in a world of ‘no’.”

I thought this was quite poignant. And true.

We are constantly telling our dogs what they cannot do. What we don’t want them to do. What they’re not allowed to do. When they are bad. When they are wrong.
The more I move away from this model of training, the more I notice it in other people. Punitive language and interaction with our canine companions is so normalized that most of us don’t…

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I think it’s great nowadays that people in general seem to be more accepting of individuals finding their own paths to happiness and self-actualization, even if the path they choose is unorthodox and seems odd or even crazy to some.

I really do believe that every person is unique and should be allowed to pursue happiness however they choose.

Withing reason.

I do not believe that “there’s your truth and there’s my truth, there’s your right and wrong and there’s my right and wrong.” The truth is the truth, right is right, and wrong is wrong. Sometimes the truth might not be clear or easy to find, nor right and wrong. They may be downright difficult to find. But they are there. They are all there, they exist, and  can be found with careful and persistent deliberation.

And that is what sometimes troubles me these days, is that some people seem to be doing away with the idea of objective truth.

Look. You simply cannot toss objective truth out the window. No right or wrong? The world would go to chaos were everyone to take up that stance.

Try going to court and saying “Well I’m sorry your honor, but though murder may be wrong for you, it’s right for me. You do you man, and let me do me. When I murdered that guy I was doing me.”

“I’m sorry your honor, but stealing that jewelry was part of my pursuit of happiness. There’s no right or wrong, your honor. Only what works for me and what works for you.”

This is not to say that I believe that everything is black and white. Or that every situation has a right and a wrong, that every problem has a right solution and a wrong solution. Some things seem to be neither right nor wrong to me.

But guys. Some things are just right, and some things are just wrong. And I think we all know somewhere inside what those things are, or can come to know if we consider it carefully enough. Really.

I am not a “millennial” hater. I think this generation has the potential to do awesome and wonderful things. (And I think the older generations need to stop trying to cut them down and quit complaining, and instead use their wisdom to positively influence the young people of this day and age.) But please, let’s not throw morality away.

We need it, we really do.