Favorite Outtakes: ER Edition

As soon as I start watching a show, I go and look for the outtakes on YouTube. Since ER is an “old” show, I didn’t think I would find anything, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The season 3 outtakes video is one of my favorites because of the part at 1:24 when Noah Wyle walks into the room during a serious scene and then hiccups loud as can be. And then everybody else stops and slowly turns towards him… cracks me up every time. Also, general George Clooney weirdness, and “all kinds of really bad stuff…messed up horrible.”

Season 5 bloopers are worth watching just because of the opening scene where they’re walking down the hallway just bumping into everything. God, I can relate, that would so be me. As well as “you can’t laugh, you’re in a coma” and the “lural lagilal of the capoolica,” I’m sure all that medical jargon was hard to remember and it’s always funny when the actors slip up and invent their own terms.

You don’t have to stay here but you can’t go home… something like that.


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