Wrapped Around Her Little Paw

This morning I was in my room gathering up some things and Brèagha was lying on my bed as usual. I looked over and she was just lying there with her head between her paws, espresso eyes gazing up at me, and she wagged her tail ever so slightly, the picture of sweetness. Gawd, I melted, of course I had to sit down next to her and she rolled over onto my lap and stretched her front legs up in the air in anticipation of belly rubs.

“How did you worm your way so thoroughly into my heart?” I asked. “You’ve got me wrapped around your little paw, you know that?”

No reply of course, just that pointy fox face looking up at me. Something about that face just gets me every time.

How Bree was looking at me this morning. Only she’s grown up now, and believe it or not, she’s almost cuter than she used to be.

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