I Hope Our Dreams Are Not Actually A Thing

I don’t like the idea of dreams having some sort of meaning. I really wouldn’t like that to be a thing.

My mom told me she had a dream that for some reason I had to take Brèagha back to her breeder. She went to visit Brèe, and she was being kept locked in the bathroom 24/7 because she wasn’t getting along with the other dogs, and it made my mom really sad. It made me sad to think about it, too. I do not want that to be a thing. But, the breeder lives on a farm where there’s plenty of space for the dogs and I know she would never to that to any of her dogs. And I would never give up my Brèe. But still. Sad.

And what about the dream where we were driving across this bridge over the ocean and an orca whale jumped up and landed on the bridge in front of us and got stuck there, and a bunch of wildlife rescue people had to come and free it. Try to find the meaning of that. Maybe the road is my life, and the whale is some great misfortune… nah, I don’t want that to be a thing either.

My stress dreams are probably the strangest. Usually these dreams depict a day in my life in which I become a hopeless fool and do absolutely everything wrong, and by the end of the dream, literally everybody hates me, my family, my friends, 20 people I’ve never met who probably don’t exist, everybody. Or, the shorter ones, in which some random person and I are standing there facing each other and trying to have a conversation. Only they are just stringing random words together in no particular order, and I have no idea what they’re trying to say, and when I try to reply, all I can do is string random words together in no particular order, and I have no idea what I’m even saying. I do not want either of those to be a thing.

I did have a dream where we sold our old piano, which needs to happen, but only for 200 dollars, which, you know, we would like to get 3 or 4 hundred for it, but okay. And then abruptly I was in school, talking to some random person who probably doesn’t exist, and they said that they were taking music appreciation, but the professor who they said was teaching it was the professor who teaches the psych class that I am taking. And I wouldn’t mind for that to be a thing; he’s a really nice guy and pretty lenient with his students, but I really don’t think he’s qualified to teach music appreciation, seeing as that’s really not his area of expertise, and also I know who teaches music appreciation and it’s not him so… I don’t know where Mr. Random Person got that idea. But overall that was not a particularly bad dream.

What do you dream about? Do you want any of your dreams to be a thing?


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