Shock Collars are so NOT like T.E.N.S.

This is an argument i hear a lot; “oh, it’s just like TENS, it doesn’t hurt.” If someone wants to use a shock collar on their dog, know that it causes pain or at least discomfort, and OWN it, and say “I know it hurts and I think it’s worth it because it works for me,” well, fine. Their dog, their choice. It’s when people delude themselves and others into thinking that it’s somehow a neutral thing that doesn’t cause pain to the dog that it really bugs me. If you can’t own up to what you’re doing, and have to tell pretty lies to make yourself and others believe that you’re not actually doing what you’re doing, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.


I had a more practical blog lined up.  Humor me, as we look at one more expression.  This one keeps coming across my news feed and it’s interesting.  Some trainers claim that, “Shock collars are like T.E.N.S. machines.”

I have used a T.E.N.S. machine many times under the guidance of various therapists.  For those unfamiliar with this treatment, mild electric current flows to pads secured to the patient’s skin.  It causes muscles to contract.  Dr. Ho’s Pain Therapy System seen on infomercials is a T.E.N.S. machine.

Here is one of the machines that I use on a regular basis.  At the bottom are two dials for “intensity.”  There are two intensity dials because the machine regulates the left and right pads separately.


Comfort levels change between individuals.  They also change from moment to moment for the same person.  Intensity levels vary from one area of the body to another…

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