Permission to be your dog’s best friend

High 5 Canine Coaching

“Fuss” … “Sitz” … “Platz” … “Fass” … “Aus” … there are several reasons why police dogs in the States are trained using these specific German commands. One of them is that these commands are harsh and can be delivered in a short, demanding way that couldn’t compliment a dominance-based training world any better.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s alright to use short cues, even the German cues, as they are simple and to the point. It’s the mindset of using a cue vs. a command that I am getting at. For decades, canine professionals have ruled the training world like a military school. For decades “because I said so”-expectations were ingrained in our minds, and boy, do we have a hard time dropping these expectations.

While I am not new to working with dogs, I am still fairly new to coaching people and their canine companions. Here is how…

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