Things Professors Say: Fall 2018 Edition

“I’m just kidding. But take me seriously.”

Student: “I hate Harry Potter. Professor: “Well Harry Potter hates you too.”

“There’s a joke I could tell y’all about this… but I’m not going to.”

“Life is pain.”

“My street name is… Ice Tray. What do you think?”

“See you next week, unless my children are trying to murder each other, which is always a possibility.”

“Alright ladies and germs…”

“Okay… well I guess for this to work would require you guys to actually know what’s up.”

Student: “you’re a psychologist, right?”

Professor: ” What’s left of him.”

“I once had an argument with someone about whether or not soy sauce counted as water damage.” (To a book)

“If you went to see your dentist and they were wearing buttless chaps and playing the guitar, would you feel comfortable with that?”

“Everyone deserves a second chance, or three.”














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