My Advice to Frantic Puppy Owners: Be Patient

Sometimes I go on dog forums (never a good idea) and I see people freaking out over the most normal of normal puppy things. “The biting HAS to stop, and the chewing on stuff, it’s too much! He/she is turning into a real problem dog! WHAT DO I DO???”

My answer to this: be patient. That is what you do.

One of the things I learned in the raising my dog is that all puppies do things that drive you crazy because they are puppies and they literally cannot not do them. If you have gotten a puppy, you have signed up for being bitten, having to constantly supervise the little devil when they’re not in their crate to keep them from chewing stuff, and dealing with them getting wildly overexcited about stuff you’d rather they not. If you can’t handle that, then you really shouldn’t have gotten a puppy. If your family can’t handle that… well I guess you can either suffer through that like I did or just not get a puppy.

I am constantly seeing people panicking over the chewing, the biting, and the puppy craziness like they are serious  behavior problems that need to be dealt with immediately and despairing that all their efforts to thwart these behaviors have failed. The thing is, these are not things that are going to stick around forever. They are normal puppy behaviors that the puppy will outgrow. There’s no point trying to fight it. You just have to manage, redirect, and have faith that the puppy will eventually outgrow it.

You can’t train a puppy not to be a puppy. Focus on bonding with your puppy. That is the important thing.


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