Sharing this planet for a moment in time

My dog shows unconditional love… for my turkey sandwich that is.

Nancy Tanner

“Dogs are loyal, and faithful, and want to please, and they don’t judge you, they love you for who you are …”

When I see this on social media, hear this in conversation, or read it in some article I gag ever so slightly. Okay maybe more than that.

It is a massive reductionist view of an entire species, discounting the individual personalities of each an every individual within the species. It sets dogs up to fail, especially those that fall outside of this fairy-tale bullshit version of canines.

I have never met a dog that wants to please, nor would I want too, how creepy, cast like, and subservient. I want a dog that stands on their own four paws, squarely in this world, and teaches me something about them, takes me on a bit of a journey. Give and take.

I have met dogs that love their owners…

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4 thoughts on “Sharing this planet for a moment in time

  1. Having a dog that does all the “right” things all the time and never thinks for itself, pushes boundaries or gets a little out of line now and then isn’t normal. It’s like when Spongebob becomes normal (“Hey how are ya?”) in just not right.

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  2. The first time I felt a sensation of something tickling my foot whilst sleeping and opened one eye to find a certain young Fleet carefully stealing my sock right off my sleeping foot and carefully creeping away with it I thought “You cheeky little git” and was so chuffed to see he was officially not frightened. He looked like a stoat stealing and dragging a bunny away into the bushes.

    That dog has a serious sock fetish. Only for mine as well but he’s a sod for nicking them whilst I sleep.

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    1. Sometimes Brèagha will come bounding into the room with some object she’s stolen out of my room, tail wagging and looking so pleased with herself. I can’t help but laugh, and I’m glad she’s that confident in me that she can blatantly steal my stuff without a hint of fear that I’ll be angry with her. I imagine it was the same feeling with Fleet; stealing a sock right off your foot? Awesome!
      Have to admit I was slightly freaked out when Brèe brought me an avacado pit. “Okay, alright, now you need to give it here because that can kill you, Brèe.

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      1. Puddi’s nicking stuff in frustration was best. She and I fell out literally every day and it would be over something and nothing. Kitchen was out of bounds completely when she was a puppy and she knew the score / invisible line but would try anyway. “Erm.. no you don’t back up”

        “Hey – BACK GO ON!!”

        She bobbed and weaved and gave it her all but I blocked her every move – as in physically moved forward and blocked her with my leg and it pissed her off so much she’d do this brilliant smash, grab and run off with the goods in her mouth and look on her face that said she felt this was her victory.

        That day in the kitchen and the only thing she could grab and run with was a small torn train ticket that had fallen on the floor.


        Yeah Fleet’s crafty sock-stealing technique is something else but he’s so careful and ever so gentle when he does it. Must find the floppiest or most loose bit then carefully use his little front teeth to gently grip it then backs up slowly taking the whole thing with him.

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