How to Cook

There’s a lot of Italian in my family. Therefor, we cook.

“I can’t cook LOL” say people of my generation.

“Yes you can LOL” say I.

Step one: Decide what you want to make. Or you can just go searching for “quick easy meals” if you don’t care what you’re making and you just want it fast.”

Step two: Find a recipe that appeals to you. Y’all, I don’t like to spend vast quantities of time in the kitchen unless I am in the mood. And most weeknights, I am not in the mood. So I look in the fridge and then find a recipe that 1. is fast and 2. consists of ingredients we have in the fridge. Because I’m not going to the store. Depending on how long it’s been since someone’s been grocery shopping, this can be a challenge, but you can leave a few things out if they seem unimportant. Cooking, not rocket science.

Step 3: Follow the recipe. It’s simple. Just read the directions and do what they say. Don’t tell me you can’t follow directions. I am absolutely terrible at following directions, but I can follow a recipe. You can pick up a knife and chop things, can you not? You can heat a pan and heat something in there for the amount of time the recipe designates, yes? Cooking, not rocket science.

That’s really it. Find a recipe and follow it. Come on, I know you have a smartphone. Look it up.

I am not good at planning ahead. Usually, I either decide out of the blue that I’m going to cook or my mother asks me to not-very-far ahead of time. I can always figure something out using whatever we happen to have and some recipe (made up or found on the internet or in Joy of Cooking) I have lying around, or maybe even combining the elements of two recipes for the same thing together, or just winging it. It’s not hard and it doesn’t have to take a long time. It rarely takes a long time for me because I just don’t have the patience. Even when I screw up, I’ve never made anything that was wholly and completely inedible. I believe in you, millennials. You can do this.

Here’s one recipe I like, which is good if anyone in your family has sensitivities to dairy or grains as it includes neither.

2 thoughts on “How to Cook

  1. My kids are like goddamn Sims characters they just open the fridge and cupboard doors and stand there like food will somehow emerge.


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