Important Goals!

Currently looking for a good recording of Mozart’s Requiem Mass in D Minor. After looking at some of the CDs available via Amazon, I am not impressed. So now, I search YouTube looking for some good recordings. Hopefully if I find a really nice one, it will be available on disc. If any classical music person happens upon this, feel free to make a suggestion.

6 thoughts on “Important Goals!

  1. I’ll have a gander. We don’t pay for anything in our house everything is robbed and lifted and I’ll see if we can share the love 🙂

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      1. Just realised I have Amazon Prime Music full job account thingy bob. Will have a look see if its on there in a bit.

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  2. Yeah there’s loads of different versions on Unlimited. Have no clue about Mozart and such but if you find the one you really like let me know.

    I got “Unlimited free trial for 30 days” and have been downloading and saving all the music on Earth to memory cards and getting all the albums I lost in the flood.
    Soon as 30 days is up “Nah sorry Amazon it’s not for me” cancel trial and listen to EVERYTHING EVER RECORDED 😉

    “Up here for thinking, down there for dancing”

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