Songs for Brèagha

Prepare yourself for some serious sappiness. I’ve made a playlist of songs for Brèagha.

Some that I think fit her personality, and some that made me think of us together. Starting off with “Believe it or Not” of course, because believe it or not, it’s just Bree!

What songs would you choose for your dog?

6 thoughts on “Songs for Brèagha

  1. Pets and playlists go together it’s God’s plan. Can’t imagine what it must be like for people that don’t associate a single song with their dogs. It’s natural and I’d judge a person harshly if they couldn’t think of any music that reminds them of their pet.

    I even associate Bree with specific songs this being the most obvious but also picture her leaping off the riverbank whenever Wicked soundtrack plays and I hear “Just… you… and… IIIIIII DEFYING GRAVITY!!!”

    Honestly too many songs to list but Puddi music is mostly very fast paced upbeat type stuff – gets super giddy silly sausage mode going on when she hears the intro to All that Jazz. Count her in with a loud “5,6,7, 8!!!” she goes insane.

    Fleet prefers quieter more chilled stuff he hadn’t ever heard music before he came home (must have been such a shock to his system there’s never anything but music in this house) so his playlists are stuff like video game and movie soundtracks, chilled acoustic and indie, Snatam Kaur etc.

    Was listening to Peter and the Wolf not long back and realised Puddi is the little bird super fast trotting right up on her tiptoes.

    Fleet is the cat.


  2. Fleet is also King of the Forest. Tail never stays still and doesn’t even seem to move in a controlled or obvious direction it just spins 360’s and then goes up and down and round the side whacking himself in the face with it. If Pud happens to be sleeping beside him she gets whacked a good 24 times straight but doesn’t even flinch anymore just sleeps right through a vicious beating from Fleet’s mad tail.

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  3. This came up on my recommendations and now I’m consumed with depression.  I miss my Razzle Dazzle and his big spotty fat arsed shenanigans 😦

    Still tickles me that Hannah was caught giving the ole Razzle Dazzle at the temporary yard we had to use.  They were the most unpleasant, up their own arse little group of people ever it was extraordinary.

    Hannah thought she was alone at the yard and sat cross legged underneath Razz to give his belly bits a good brush whilst he was digging into a fresh hay net. She’s there belting out “Give em the ole…  Razzle Dazzle!!” and two of the yard bitches did a double take / back tracked and peered over the stable door to see this tiny blonde sat underneath a huge spotty horse with his full dingle dongle out like he was showcasing it.

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  4. Here you go – ultimate sappiness you might be on board with and understand. This one I associate with Puddi because of our rocky start and how I wanted to drop kick her ass into the river most days cos she was such an arsehole. It’s impossible to put into words the way we clashed and locked horns and repelled each other like magnets but it all turned a corner when pretty much had no choice so swallowed some pride, stepped back and was at the very least willing to try and see if it made any difference. It did.

    That arsehole of a puppy turned out to be quite literally the best teacher, trainer and ultimately best friend I ever had. Amazing just how much I learned from her and still learn from her even now even if we did get off on the wrong foot.


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