Oh to be a dog

Imagine if instead of all of the things you wish to achieve and all the things you wish to be, your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, you had only one goal in life:

to be wet.

Yeah that’s Brèagha. That’s her entire mission in life: just to be wet whenever possible. That’s it. That’s the entirety of it.

Oh to be a dog. Life is so much simpler.

11 thoughts on “Oh to be a dog

    1. That is so true, I’m laughing… now I have another Breagha song. 🙂
      This reminds me: apparently in 2024 NASA is planning on sending the first woman and next man to the moon. I am so psyched as I was always a bit disappointed that I wasn’t born early enough to witness the first moon landing.

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      1. No way really?? I didn’t know that – thought they’d pulled all funding and scrapped any ideas of a return to space but what a win!! 😀

        Think I was scarred mentally as a child watching The Challenger blow up shortly after take off. Still haunted by the dude continuing to read from his script whilst cameras focused on bits of shuttle hurtling back down and that woman’s poor parents watching on in horror 😦 Then Columbia exploded on re-entry and I remember hearing repeated, hopeless efforts to get a response. Could sense the voice change when he kept going, probably more to feel they were still doing something until the Flight Director called time. For about a minute you just heard “Columbia, Houston, comm check…Columbia, Houston, comm check” and nothing coming back. Grim.

        It left me with this permanent sense of impending doom. When Felix what’s his job attempted to beat Kittinger’s jump from space they aired it live and I almost stopped breathing when he started to spin out. How he recovered from that I will never know.

        Can’t find it anywhere now but I once watched a documentary with the full footage from Kittinger’s jump and that was intense. He was giving a full commentary and explained at what point he felt the suit failing and his arm starting to swell up and balloon twice its size but knew if he told the ground crew they’d make him abort the whole thing so he just carried on and said nothing.

        Imagine where we’d be without people that smart and with balls that big?

        Glad you heard “Breagha” too and it wasn’t just me! It caught me off guard at first cos it’s been so long since I heard it and was half dozing until some distant otherworldly voices started to chant “Breaghaaaa” like she was a lost soul.

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      2. Oh God yeah. That and Apollo 1 fire were absolutely horrific. I listened to an excellent podcast recently called 13 Minutes to the Moon where they discussed a lot of that stuff. Really fascinating though, space travel. If they ever get it perfected to the point where civilians could go to space, I’d do it. I’d go be part of a colony on Mars for a while as long as there was a way to eventually get back. Can’t imagine there’s any experience even remotely comparable to setting foot on a whole other planet.

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      3. What also made it eerie I think is the “Get out the waves, get out of the water” like Bree is the water and something bad is gonna happen to her.


      4. More like you’d better get out of the water ’cause the Breagha shark is coming to get you. That’s why they say don’t swim for an hour after eating; the Breagha shark can detect the slightest trace of food on you and will come for you. 😉

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      5. Imagine being lost at sea and Breagha popping up to keep you company and bring you home? Oh God I’d be so chuffed. I’d pray for Orca to realise I’m in trouble and pop up to help but would take Bree any day.

        Imagining the distant sound of music gradually getting louder as she gets closer then “BELIEVE IT OR NOT IT’S JUST BREEE!!!!!” 👏

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      6. I’m so impressed with how she naturally skips the bigger, faster incoming waves – that’s such a smart thing to do. Most humans wouldn’t think to do that and instead just try bracing themselves against the brunt and force of it. Maybe she was an orca in a former life. 😀

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