Things You Might Like to Add to Your Playlist: Okami Edition

I bought it on Steam and installed it on my computer. I played it through once. I feel in love with it. I played it again. I loved it even more. I found a used copy of the original PS2 version (well, the original English version, anyway) for sale and am currently on my first play through on the PS2. Needless to say, I am hooked on Okami. And why wouldn’t I be? I mean, doesn’t everyone wish to become a wolf goddess with a magical paint brush and go around healing withered trees and slaying demons sometimes?

I know next to nothing about traditional Japanese music – or any Japanese music, for that matter – and have never listened to anything in that genre, so Okami was a great introduction for me. Without further ado, here are some of my favorites from the soundtrack.

Of course I have to include the battle music in this list. It’s just too epic to gloss over. How can you not love those drums? The theme at 1:48 is my favorite part of the piece, even though I know when I hear it I’m going to get a bad score for taking too long to finish the fight. As I’ve gotten better at the game, I rarely hear this part anymore, so I have to come back and listen to it all the way through every now and then.

This one I always find encouraging, and listening when I am doing some sort of chore makes the work go faster. (If you have a dog who’s not fond of fireworks, just know that there are firework sounds in this one.)

IDK what to say, I just… *dances*

I always take my time scrolling through the dialogue when Waka appears because I don’t want this song to stop playing. I love the flute. Sweet and beautiful and uplifting.

The official theme song of Something’s About to Go Down.

Kusa Village: because sometimes I just enjoy listening to things that make me slightly uneasy. “Shifty” and “subtle” are the words that come to mind for me. 2:52 always takes me by surprise. Why is it so upbeat all of a sudden? But still with that undertone of something not right.

This one just makes me smile. I may have spent way too much time hanging around making Ammy bark in time to the music.

It’s so… *claps hand to heart*

Perfectly captures the feel of knowing the way forward will be difficult but being strong in one’s resolve to keep going no matter what the odds.

It’s so happy and sweet. *sniff*

This song makes me feel like I’m doing something important when doing even the most mundane of tasks. Especially when those drums come in. It has such a hopeful feel to it.

Ope I’m dancing again

Really I’m just including this because that first “yoooooo” scares the HECK out of me. Hhhhooooo my gosh.

Ah… it’s just so epic. I feel like I could accomplish just about anything while listening to this. This is my favorite background music of all the places in the game.

Full of mystery. Perfectly captures the stark beauty of the northern lands.

The official theme song of You Got This.

A perfect little theme that’s honestly not as “sorrowful” to me as the title would suggest. Feels more like a “I’ll see you again some day” goodbye.

Welp. Earlier I was dancing, but now I’m crying. Thanks for that. That emotional swell at 2:58 tho

The official them song of I’m baaaaaaack babyyyyyy!

Yeaaaaah! Go! Go! Go! You got this!

Alright. That’s enough of my rambling for one day. I hope that you, too, found something in here that you enjoy. 🙂

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