Talking About Things We Hate: Why Tho?

Full disclosure I used to enjoy talking about pet peeves and such. Because I was a teenager, and we all go through our I hate everything phase at some point during that whole processes.

Some people, however, seem to never get past that phase.

Sometimes people are oblivious to how their behavior is irritating or even distressing to others, and in those cases, there’s nothing wrong with doing a PSA for the benefit of said oblivious people. That’s not really what I’m on about.

Not talking about people analyzing books/TV shows/etc and giving an honest critique of what could have been done better, either.

I used to be in a Facebook group of Lost fans. Sometimes there were some genuinely good discussions (and memes.) But I swear, 90% of the posts were just people talking about which characters they hated. That was all people seemed to want to talk about.

That’s what I’m talking about.

There is plenty of music I can’t stand or TV show characters I find annoying. But I don’t feel the need to go out and say that I hate them anymore. Because no one cares. No one cares which Lost characters you hate or which music you hate. No one cares that you think dogs are annoying or cats are annoying. It doesn’t bring awareness to a legitimate problem or add anything of value to the world to publicly say so. But aside from that, it’s a turn off. Most people don’t enjoy spending time with someone who constantly complains about unimportant things. So why not do yourself a favor and talk about the things you love instead?

It didn’t take long for me to get tired of post after post about how some random strangers hated certain Lost characters, so I left the group. I joined the group because I love Lost, and to take part in conversations with fellow Losties about why we love the show and all the little details and “Easter eggs” that blew our minds. Not to listen to people whine about the parts they didn’t like.

All this aside, as much as I might privately roll my eyes at certain things, I have come to enjoy seeing people enjoy things, even things I dislike, so long as they are not harming anyone else in the process. There is so much sorrow and sickness and despair in the world. Even if only two people in the world are passionate about rap and derive genuine joy from listening to it, then thank God for rap. If two people genuinely love Jack from Lost and enjoy the show more because of him, then thank God for Jack. I know lots of people who couldn’t stand living with a Border Collie. But everything that others find annoying about them, I happen to love, and Brèagha is the light of my life, so thank God for Border Collies. And while I may not be a huge Chow fan, I am sure there are lots of people who love their Chows, so thank God for Chows. Thank God people continue to find happiness in life. I don’t need to like or appreciate the things they love to be happy for them that they have something to be happy about.

This guy was absolutely overjoyed by this double rainbow, to the point of shouting and crying about it. Look, I don’t understand why he apparently experienced such intense joy over that rainbow, and as pretty as it is, that would not be my reaction to it. But I don’t need to understand to be happy that he was able to derive such joy from the experience.

(Just FYI, the guy claimed that he was not under the influence of any drugs while filming this and that it was just a moment of pure joy.)





Now that school’s out

Just took my last final exam today. Now I that I am “free” I have lots of time for…

Hmm. What exactly do I want to do with my free time, in a time of social distancing?

*glances over at the dog/psychology textbooks I’ve gotten off Ebay but haven’t had time to read yet*


More school! Self-imposed school! Doesn’t that sound exciting? What do you mean “no?” I am excited to read more books and make more flashcards!

And also to teach Bree some more tricks and hopefully film them. Don’t worry. I will actually be going outside.

For my fellow learning-loving students who are glad to be done with school so they can do more school, I have the perfect playlist for you. How have I never heard of this channel before? This is amazing.

In all seriousness: best wishes to everyone who is an “essential worker” and what have you, those with family who are “high risk” and who are “high risk” themselves, and everyone who is having a stressful time which is basically everybody. You are all in my prayers every day.

My life as a parent wrangler

Me being me, I have been the official micromanager and fun police of my family lately. I mean… somebody has to be the voice of reason, right?

But parents are hard to wrangle. Just won’t stay put you know. It’s like herding cats.

I have to admit, I don’t love it nearly as much as these guys.

On the contrary,  I think I am growing old before my time! 😬